Media Vision Vehicle - Features

Your communication can be changed instantly without additional cost and advertised to your audience anywhere in Kerala.The LED display can be roataed 360 angle and lifted top from the vehicle.

Precise Targeting
You choose the routes you wish to cover and the target customer. We drive your campaign for 8 hours per day in the stipulated routes.

Cost Effective
The media vision advertising is comparitavely much cheaper and effective than other means of outdoor advertising with its very low cost per thousand impressions.

Multimedia & Tracking

The media vision vehicles can be tracked via GPS to provide you a report on the routes travelled and also supporta sound and lighting for a comlete multimedia experience.

About Us

Four Yes Communications provides innovative solution for outdoor advertising which is cost effective and enviromment friendly. The mobile LED display media vehicle is capable to capture and captivate the eyes of your potential customers.
Our media vision vehicle along with 50sq.ft. LED Display of high resolution is ready to reach to your targeted customers


  • Insert the advertisement along with social awareness documentaries in USB or DVD.
  • Release at crowded areas by 4sMedia vehicle.
  • The vihicle will move along the preffered routes and duration for the campaign.

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Flexible Campaign Plans

4sMedia has flexible campaign plan and slots for varied needs of small & medium business to large business.

The cost will vary for longer duration campaigns compard to short duration campaigns.

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